We Were Here Too | Game Update - 1.1.5

We Were Here Too

Game Update - 1.1.5

Performance updates and fixes!

We have released an update for We Were Here Too!
Version 1.1.5 contains the following:


Performance improvements.
Reduced loading times.
Voice chat stability.
New first person camera rig.
Updated the splashscreen.


Fixed several start up crashes.
Fixed multiple weapon bug in weapons puzzle.
Fixed an issue where progression was not saved.
Fixed an issue with achievements not unlocking.
Fixed an issue where both players would spawn as Lord.
Arms no longer flicker when crouching.

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The survey is closed, thanks to everyone who filled it in!

We Were Here Too is out now on Xbox One!

We Were Here Too is out now on Xbox One!

And We Were Here Together is only 8 days away…

Play We Were Here Too on Xbox One!

That’s right, We Were Here Too is playable on console for the first time! For those who have been living under a rock (the Jester?) we released We Were Here on Xbox in September. It was featured as part of Xbox Games Live Gold, and is still free to play for Gold members until October 15th.

Of course, we’re also getting closer to the arrival of the third game – We Were Here Together. You’ll be able to experience new areas of Castle Rock, such as this lively location…

T-minus 8 days – wishlist now!

We Were Here Too coming to Xbox One on October 2nd!

We Were Here Too coming to Xbox One on October 2nd!

The original We Were Here launched on Xbox One today,
and is free for Xbox Live Gold members.

That’s right, We Were Here Too will be released on Xbox One this coming October 2nd,
which is great news for hungry puzzle fans on console! You can pre-order already for a discount.

For PC gamers, the third game We Were Here Together is drawing ever closer to a Steam release…
we’ll be revealing more teasers so keep your eyes open!

We Were Here Too | Patch V.25022018

We Were Here Too

Patch V.25022018


Hi there!

Since some people are having issues starting the game we have decided to initialize our systems in stages.

During the Splashscreen you will be able to track the progress of systems being initialized. If you experience any issues during this process please let us know so we look for any issues in the specified system.

Gameplay related issues will be addressed in a future patch.

Thanks again for all of your feedback.

We Were Here Too | Patch V.21022018

We Were Here Too

Patch V.21022018

Hi everyone!

I’ve got some new patch notes for you here, this also includes the issues we have fixed in the hotfix from last week.

Patch notes V.21022018– February 21th 2018


  • We have changed some of our start up parameters to avoid resolution issues.
  • Added the possibilty to rebind the movement keys (keyboard only).
  • Updated some more names in the credits.
  • Fixed save game related crashes.


  • Fixed some issues while navigating the menus with a gamepad.
  • The pawn on the battleboard no longer loses focus after completing a stage.
  • Gamepad rebinding should now work as intended. (Revert to default will show the buttons again).


  • Dying and respawning with all secret levers pulled will now work correctly.

Save Game

  • Moved the Config.cfg to a public folder to avoid permission issues.

The file can now be found in the following location.
Windows: %userprofile%AppDataLocalLowTotal Mayhem GamesWe Were Here TooConfig
OSX: ~/Library/Application Support/Total Mayhem Games/We Were Here Too/Config
Linux: $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/unity3d/Total Mayhem Games/We Were Here Too/Config
Expect the old folder/file to be removed in a future update.

Video Issue

We’ve been trying to reproduce the issue on our systems without luck, however we have made some changes to the code based on the videos and reports we have collected on the forums. Please let us know if the issue has been resolved.

If you are still experiencing any issues i encourage you to join the discussions here on steam!

Thanks again for all of your feedback.

We Were Here Too | Patch V.09022018

We Were Here Too

Patch V.09022018

Hi everyone!

Let me start off with thanking you guys for hunting down and reporting some issues you may have encountered! Let’s take a look at what today’s patch has in store for our explorers

Patch notes V.09022018 – February 9th 2018

The Stairwell

  • Fixed an issue with occlusion culling when standing in certain spots
  • Rebalanced the amount of time remaining on a wrong solution

The Arena

  • Rebalanced the time available between some of the objectives

The Elevator

  • Fixed an issue with the rotating wheel when a controller was plugged in


  • Fixed alot of minor things that would make this list too big!
  • Players can now select a region to connect with.
    Please look for the dropdown menu in the top-right when searching or creating a new game and select the region with the best ping for you
  • Increased the spacing between the lobbies when searching for a game
  • Restarting from a checkpoint after a game over should now synchronize properly between players
  • Resolved an issue with voice chat on the game over screen
  • Improved voice chat
    We managed to crack some bugs and issues, thanks for reporting them!
  • Improved readability of the text on some of the books found around the game
  • Added some missing names to the credits Sorry!

We’ll keep on improving our user experience with patches. Thanks again for all of your feedback and we hope you enjoy your time cooperating!

We Were Here Too released!

We Were Here Too released!

The title says it all – We Were Here Too is out now on Steam!
It’s a very exciting day for us, and we’re looking forward to seeing what you all think of the game.



You can buy We Were Here Too for €8,49 thanks to a 15% launch week discount! After the first week, the price will be €9.99.

For everyone who helped us with beta testing or pre-ordered the game, there is a unique border around your profile image waiting for you in-game.



And thanks to everyone for your support – We Were Here Too wouldn’t exist without you!

Check out the We Were Here Too Steam store: http://store.steampowered.com/app/677160/We_Were_Here_Too/

One week until We Were Here Too!

One week until We Were Here Too!

Launch day (Friday February 2) is only a week away, so we’re into the final stretch of development.

It’s all about bug fixing and polishing right now so you all have the best possible experience on release.

Did you already see the Gameplay Trailer:

We’re also busy spreading the word about We Were Here Too – if you’d like to help, and get a chance to win one of 10 pairs of Steam keys for yourself and a friend, consider joining our Nouncy campaign ! It’s quick and easy, and will make a big difference to how many people hear about the game on social media 🙂

Get the latest updates on our TwitterFacebook or Instagram. We’ve also set up a Steam event for launch day: http://steamcommunity.com/games/677160/events/1653252639176192110

We Were Here Too Banner

Only two weeks left!

Only two weeks left!

Work on We Were Here Too is going great, and we’re on track for a February 2nd launch.

That’s only two weeks away! We’ve had lots of excellent feedback and useful bug reports from our beta testers, and we are focused on fixes and polishing the game. It’s always a nerve-wracking time as you draw closer to release day, but it’s so exciting as well. We can’t wait to see people playing our game that we’ve put so much time and love into!

For all the latest updates, you can follow our TwitterFacebook or Instagram . And we’ve also set up a Steam event for launch day – check that out here: http://steamcommunity.com/games/677160/events/1653252639176192110

It’s still possible to join our nouncy campaign at http://wewereheretoo.nouncy.com/wewereheretoo#, and give We Were Here Too a big social boost when we launch! You also get a chance to win one of 10 pairs of WWHT keys for you and a friend!

Win a free copy, join our Nouncy campaign!

Win a free copy, join our Nouncy campaign!

Hi everyone!

As you know, the release of We Were Here Too is coming soon, and we want to get as much attention as we can when that happens. Having a good launch and gettings lots of eyes on the game makes a big difference for an indie studio like us, and spreading the word via social media is a great way to do that. We are also giving away 10 pairs of keys at random to people who support us via Nouncy – you and a friend could be playing for free on launch day!

All you need to do to join is follow http://wewereheretoo.nouncy.com/wewereheretoo#
and then choose how which platform you’d like to support us on. That could be Twitter or Facebook. That’s it! Once the game launches, an automatic message will be sent through your account, creating a big impression.



In other news, the We Were Here Too beta ends today. Thank you to everyone who took part and gave us your valuable feedback!

If you’ve got any questions just let us know. Otherwise, here’s that link again: Help us by signing up for our Nouncy campaign!